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Tohil Morales's Organisation
of Mayan Children of Guatemala

The Workshop "woods of storm for the Mayan childrens"

At the beginning of the new millenium, in a context of democracy which is built in Guatemala, the world problem of the degradation of the acute sector of l'enfance s'avère for the Mayas children.

In France, at the end of the previous millenium, the storm of December 26, 1999 s'est cut down unrelentingly on its ground involving a priceless loss.

Childhood in danger and catastrophe caused l'idée to transform notable pieces d'arbres (Wood of the Queen, Orme of Tulleries, Pin of Trocadéro) cut down by the storm into works d'art for the benefit of the Mayan childrens of Guatemala in the Usakiribal Program.

Thus was born and lives in Paris l'Atelier "woods of storm for the Mayan childrens".

OTM Enfants Mayas du Guatemala - Association of the law 1901, recorded in Paris
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