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Tohil Morales's Organisation
of Mayan Children of Guatemala

By creation and the sale d'oeuvres d'art on wood, to have a source of support for the durable program of development Usakiribal "the Time of the Rebirth" in Guatemala.

L'action consists in transforming pieces of wood, certified d'origine, in works d'art. It s'agit to manufacture, out of wood, of the painted tables, the typographies, the sculptures and the artisanal objects just as of the books and the books comprising of the jackets, out of sawn timber, painted, carved or inlaid.

By their sale, these works are used to collect margins intended to build the conditions necessary to ensure a future more favorable to the children and their families in the Usakiribal program. L'initiative makes it possible at the same time to create an economic activity in France.

OTM Enfants Mayas du Guatemala - Association of the law 1901, recorded in Paris
Permanence : 35 rue des pres des Audigers 91820 Boutigny FRANCE - Tel/Fax 00331 78612338