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Tohil Morales's Organisation
of Mayan Children of Guatemala

L'Atelier "woods of storm for the Mayan childrens"

is recommended by:

  • L'Ambassade of Guatemala in France,
  • The President of the French Republic,
  • A member of French Academy,
  • Ministries for the Foreign Affairs and l'équipement,
  • Prefecture and the DDE of l'Essonne,
  • The Town hall of Paris and direction of the Parks and Gardens,
  • Persons in charge for the castles, parks and gardens of Versailles, Malmaison/Wood Courtyard, Holy Cloud, Tileries, Trocadéro,
  • The Natural history museum d'Histoire Natural
  • like by many personalities.

Their support legitimates l'atelier and d'avancer allows him. In this spirit was born and lives in Paris l'atelier "woods of storm for the Mayan childrens" This site is dedicated to him.

OTM Enfants Mayas du Guatemala - Association of the law 1901, recorded in Paris
Permanence : 35 rue des pres des Audigers 91820 Boutigny FRANCE - Tel/Fax 00331 78612338